Identify and describe at least two competing needs impacting your selected healthcare issue which is NURSING BURNOUT in the school clinic.

●     Describe a relevant policy or practice in your organization that may influence your selected healthcare issue/stressor.

●     Critique the policy for ethical considerations, and explain the policy’s strengths and challenges in promoting ethics.

●     Recommend one or more policy or practice changes designed to balance the competing needs of resources, workers, and patients, while addressing any ethical shortcomings of the existing policies. BE SPECIFIC and PROVIDE EXAMPLES.

●     Cite evidence that informs the healthcare issue/stressor and/or the policies, and provide 2 SCHOLARLY RESOURCES in support of your policy or practice recommendations.

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Nursing burnout in the school setting


Issues of overworking in the health setting results from overworking of the nurses or the issues of having an excessive amount of work as a nurse. Todaro-Franceschi (2019) opines that issues of burnout result in emotional exhaustion or nurses, cynicism and one will up having a low sense of accomplishment as a nurse. Burnout amount nurses have an extensive impact on the process of patient care and could be one of the factors that cause an increase in dissatisfaction of patients. In a school setting, nurses play an important role in the process of provision of care to students but in the instance that the nurse is stressed up due to the excessive number of patients they should serve, there could be a challenge in the enhancement of the satisfaction of students. The focus of this paper is to assess nurse burnout in the school setting.

Competing needs impacting the selected healthcare issue

The issue of burnout among the patient is a challenge in the health setting and there is a need for the healthcare providers to have a means that could allow for them to manage the cases of burnout. One of the needs that affect the issues of burnout is the specification of the job that one should do. There is a need for the provision of a strategy that will allow for the development of a reliable direction of care. This is prudent in that it will allow for the elimination of any issues of poor supervision or lack of comfort while one is carrying out the job opportunities….

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