TL is a 62-year-old male who was in a car wreck and who has been hospitalized for compartment syndrome from a left leg crush injury. He has areas of necrosis (tissue ischemia) seen along his calf. Tissue necrosis is areas of dead cells. It is imperative that the necrosis does not increase.

1. Discuss the etiologies of cellular injury and death and what can be done for TL to maximize his care.

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Discuss the etiologies of cellular injury and death and what can be done for TL to maximize his care. In the case of TL, it is evident that the patient has had health concern in his fascia underneath the skin since the patient has a concern in the stretching of the skin leading in a rise in the amount of pressure on the nerve cells This has also arisen in the capillary and the muscular cell as affirmed by Sleboda and Roberts (2020). This will influence the flow of blood to the affected cells and the nerves and causing damages due to the lack of the required quantity of oxygen. The patient from the argument has an acute injury and needs to have to be attended to immediately to avoid edema….

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