EDUC 305: Biblical Worldview Paper: Instructions and Rubric

Write a 3 to 4-page paper in APA format that conveys what is meant by a biblical worldview and a Christian philosophy of education.  Also, discuss the implications of these principles in their application to educational practice.  Page length requirement begins with the introductory paragraph and ends with the conclusion; it includes neither the title page nor the reference page.  An abstract is not required.  In addition to the Bible, cite a minimum of four references that represent the body of literature supporting and explaining biblical worldview and Christian philosophy of education. No more than 15% of the paper is to include direct quotes; therefore, you should do much more summarizing and paraphrasing than quoting.  Citations are required both for direct quotes and for summarized ideas drawn from references.  The format of the paper is to include the sections below with headings that follow APA format. 

This assignment is due on Monday of Module/Week 4, 11:59 pm (EST).


The Biblical Worldview Assignment is course-embedded into every degree program in Liberty University’s School of Education (SOE).  Its purpose is to carry out LU’s mission to provide an education with a solid Christian foundation and to ensure that every SOE program completer understands the implications of a biblical worldview for the field of education.  While there are other assignments that require candidates to write a personal philosophy of education, that is not necessarily the intent of this assignment.  The goal of this activity is for candidates to accomplish the following:

  • Convey an understanding of what is meant by a biblical worldview.
  • Support and illustrate this understanding by citing the Bible and other literature on the topic of biblical worldview.
  • Apply principles of a biblical worldview to educational practice.
  • Articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education, citing from the Bible and other literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education.

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Biblical Worldview Paper


Hetherington (2019) depicts that worldview is depicted as the framework that is used in the process of viewing the things that are making sense about life and the environment. There are different worldviews, one example is the biblical worldview where an individual will have the belief that exists due to the love and grace that God has on them and that they are supposed to serve God. Typically, humans have worldviews although some may be subconscious and hence people believe the worldviews to be true and hence helping on in the decision-making process or in the process of taking an action. This paper seeks to discuss the biblical worldview.

Biblical Worldview

The believes that one has are referred to as worldviews and are of importance in that they help in the process of providing a guide for an individual in the process of responding to different things in their surroundings. The biblical worldview is one that focuses on the values that are expected to be upheld by any Christian at all times. As such, a Christian is in a position of having a guide on what to do in any scenario depending on the views that they have.   The Christian worldview is one that expects one to serve God and one can learn of moral lessons and be able to make the necessary decisions based on their ability to have a moral stand. This as well entails the need for people to learn of the best way that they can interact with each other. As pointed out by Peterson (2020), Christians are expected to have a reflection of Jesus in their actions. Christians are supposed to have faith and expect that God will always guide them in their actions. The grace and the love of God are expected to be a building block that is used for the process enhancement of the decision-making process….

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