For this assignment, complete the following:

  • Review the Toulmin-model outline (Week 2 Lesson) and your completed Week 1 Assignment (Pro-Position Proposal). Assess any feedback provided by the professor and/or your peers.
  • Compose a position paper representing the pro side of your topic. (See the Pro-Paper Template). The paper should include approximately 6 developed paragraphs:
    • Introduction (with thesis statement)
    • Context paragraph
    • 3 body paragraphs (focusing on 3 pros)
    • Conclusion
  • Apply a formal tone appropriate for academic audiences, maintaining an objective 3rd person point of view – no 1st person (I, me, my, we, our, us, mine) or 2nd person (you, your). Avoid contractions, clichés, and slang terminology.
  • Use the provided template to assist in formatting the title page and headers.
  • Incorporate at least 3 scholarly sources into the paper. Cite all sources in APA format, both parenthetically and on a reference page.
  • Before submission, proofread and edit carefully for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Not every error will be flagged automatically in word-processing programs, and some that are flagged as errors are actually correct.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is defined as the discipline in medicine that is focused on the enhancement of the appearance of an individual by the use of surgery or by making use of medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery is different from a plastic surgery since with cosmetic surgery one can have the whole process of reconstruction of the head, the neck, and in any of the parts of the body. The process of having cosmetic surgery as well is elective since the areas that are treated may lack aesthetic appeal. The process of cosmetic surgery has had people discussing it over a long period of time with other support while others standing against the process. This paper focuses on the benefits of cosmetic surgery.


The process of having cosmetic surgery is to help in the enhancement of the appearance of an individual and the procedure that is carried out is intended to help in the enhancement of the use of the aesthetic appearance of the person. The cosmetic surgery procedures include the process of carrying out facial contouring, enhancement of breasts, contouring of the body, and skin rejuvenation. The main benefit that is got from carrying out a cosmetic surgery procedure is to ensure that there is an enhancement of the appearance of an individual…

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