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Globalization involves several features, including governance structures, communication, mobility, technology, and the environment. Based on the readings for this topic, identify two features of globalization that you think are the most important and discuss one example for each as to how it influences health. Identify a health issue that was not a global threat in the past but, due to changes in globalization, is now a global threat. Discuss what countries might do to prepare for this emerging health threat considering the issue of human rights in low-income and middle-income countries.

Q-220 word+2rces

Public health and health care systems are impacted by globalization the exchange of new ideas, and opportunities to influence the larger field of global health. As you consider the factors related to globalization, discuss how low-income and middle-income countries should navigate the balance in building strong public health systems alongside an efficient health care system. What three pieces of advice would you give the Minister of Health in a country like Zambia or Nepal when it comes to the structure and integration of health care and public health?

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DQ1 One of the features of globalization is an increase in collaboration. This is seen in the cases where there is an enlargement in the teaming up among the people working in different settings. This arises among people working alone or working with others as entrepreneurs or in different health settings. This is expected to help in the enhancement of rapid modernization and for the advancement of technology as affirmed by Fervers and Oser Picot (2016). An example of the collaboration in healthcare is seen in instances where the healthcare providers work with the other healthcare providers and there is a need for the provision of a direction to allow for an improved manner of change to improve the means of provision of care such as in the countries such as Canada and the US….

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