Educational Program on Risk Management – Part One: Outline of Topic

The purpose of this assignment is to create an educational program that supports the implementation of risk management strategies in a health care organization.

In this assignment, you will develop an outline for an “in?service”?style educational risk management program for employees of a particular health care organization that will then form the basis for a PowerPoint presentation in Topic 5. Select your topic for this educational session from one of the proposed recommendations or changes you suggested in the Risk Management Program Analysis – Part One assignment to enhance, improve, or secure compliance standards in your chosen risk management plan example.

Create a 500-750-word comprehensive outline that communicates the following about your chosen topic:

Introduction: Identify the risk management topic you have chosen to address and why it is important within your health care sector.

Rationale: Illustrate how this risk management strategy is lacking within your selected organization’s current risk management plan and explain how its implementation will better meet local, state, and federal compliance standards.

Support: Provide data that indicate the need for this proposed risk management initiative and demonstrate how it falls under the organization’s legal responsibility to provide a safe health care facility and work environment.

Implementation: Describe the steps to implement the proposed strategy in your selected health care organization.

Challenges: Predict obstacles the health care organization may face in executing this risk management strategy and propose solutions to navigate or preempt these potentially difficult outcomes.

Evaluation: Outline your plan to evaluate the success of the proposed risk management program and how well it meets the organization’s short-term, long-term, and end goals.

Opportunities: Recommend additional risk management improvements in adjacent areas of influence that the organization could or should address moving forward.

Solution Preview

Educational Program on Risk Management


The issue of fall of patients in the health setting has become dominant in the healthcare setting in the world and leading in poor living standards of patients. Hakamy et al. (2018) depict that the fall of patients influence the quality of life of patients as well as the financial ability of patients. As a result of fall of patients, the healthcare facility will end up spending a large resources to manage the challenge. This is a burden to the patients especially when there is a serious injury of the patient. The best strategy that could be used to ensure that there is management of issues of fall of patients is ensuring that the healthcare providers make use of sensor alarms to identify the risks of fall before it occurs. This paper provides an outline on the risks of fall and the need based analysis.


With the use of a sensor alarms there is an ease for patients to share information on the necessary aspects of change and allowing for patients to be tracked at all times. The efforts taken by healthcare providers in depending on the use of information technology could help in ensuring that the patient does not end up facing financial challenges. This should allow for the patients to be informed of the different risks of fall and the healthcare providers will be able to respond to the needs of patients…

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