Identify a topic related to health care and leadership; this will be the subject of your research paper due in week 7. You will then be working to incorporate a leadership theory or approach discussed in this course and apply it to your leadership in healthcare topic in later weeks.  Make sure that your leadership in healthcare topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Consider some of the following general areas:

Leadership in:

  • Change management in health care
  • Technology in health care
  • Finance of health care
  • Conflict management in health care
  • Evidence-based protocols
  • Gender equality in the workplace
  • Health sector reform
  • Embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection

Please note the above general areas must have a narrower focus in order to work well for a research paper. The list above is not exhaustive, but merely suggestions.

Identify a research area and then develop a thesis statement for your research paper. Ensure your topic is presented in descriptive detail and a clear plan for the research paper is identified. 

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Leadership in Conflict management in health care

The focus of this paper is to help in assessing the role that leaders play in conflict management. Leaders are supposed to help in the provision of an environment that each of the healthcare providers can work with each other with little challenges. This implies that there will be an ease in the implementation of skills and knowledge that a leader has in ensuring that the issues of conflict are managed.

In healthcare, there are extensive possible causes of conflicts one of which is the issue of lack of enough resources. The resources that are there in the health setting should be enough for the best healthcare providers to work without pushing each other for the provision of healthcare services. Shah (2017) depict that the leaders will as well have an impact on increasing the risk of conflict. This implies that there will be an issue of concern if the leaders are not able to ensure that the resources are distributed in the right manner….

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