Think about the results from the Gallup Survey for a minute, and how it compares to the Academy, Baseball Team, Fortress, and Club cultures described by McNamara in the Background reading.

Then prepare a 2- to 3-page paper addressing:

In your opinion, do the Gallup results fit your general expectations or constitute a surprise in some ways? Interpret the results of the Gallup survey in terms of your own experience, either to confirm or to question the results. Compare the Gallup results and your opinions with the McNamara categories.

The degree to which the Gallup results and the McNamara information tell you similar or dissimilar things about your organization.

Does the Gallup survey and the McNamara categories help improve your managerial understanding and/or skills? What can you infer from the results about how your organization’s culture fits or doesn’t fit with you? What (if anything) can you do to make your interaction with the culture more effective?

Provide your opinion on whether or not the above two sources in this SLP 4 help you understand the organization and how you cope with it. Do they accurately depict what is needed to analyze a company’s culture?

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Gallup results if they fit the general expectations or constitute a surprise in some ways

I have the belief that with the knowledge on the expectation in the workplace, one will be in a position to ensure that they offer the best of their ability. This is as well influenced by the availability of resources that could be used in the attainment of the goals. with such, aspect this will be instrumental in ensuring that there is an advancement of the culture of the company as seen in the case of Gallup survey.

Also, I support the assertion that the identification of the feelings of the others such as the feeling of one being cared for and that the organization needs it is of importance in ensuring that there is an increase in the chance of developing a good culture. This is attributed to the fact that with such a venture, there is the ease in the process of creating a good workplace for the employees. This could be seen from the aspects where one gets encouragement to do better or the cases where one gets exposure to opportunities for growth. One way that this can be seen is when an employee is consulted during a decision-making process hence making them feel worthy for the company as affirmed by Paunković, Jovanović, and Žikić (2018)….

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