Describe, in detail, the proposed mobile yoga therapy.  What would it do?  For whom?  Who would own it?  Would there be implementation challenges?  Use your researched numbers for the demographics of your end user. How many are possible? Where? Who currently uses a similar product or service? Why?  

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Mobile Yoga Business

Zhang, Seo, and Ahn (2019) depict that a viable yoga teacher is that which one is owned by an individual and that one can be in a position to learn of how to set the time that is needed for them to work and the charges that are on the students. This is to be attained by making use of the available resources. The process of education of the members of staff is to be carried out by ensuring that one is able to attain the necessary consideration of the places that the customers may be found.

The focus of the yoga business is to help in the provision of classes for the customers at a convenient time. This will be important in that there will be an ease in reaching many customers.  This will as well allow for the provision of the best strategies of satisfying the customers on their needs. The process will be important in that there will be a large number of members and I will make use of a van in the process of delivery of the services. This will as well allow me to be able to manage the different needs of the members and allowing for the progressive location for the yoga class….

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