Module 3 Assignment 2

For Assignment 2, please do the following:

Review all requirements in the left-hand column of the Rubric below.

Click on the Enter Sentinel City link in Module 1 and continue your Virtual Experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City. Since this is your second tour, feel free to choose any bus speed and/or get off the bus at any time to walk around.

After your tour is complete, compile your observations into a 2-4-page paper, with at least 2 scholarly references, addressing each item listed in the first column of the Assignment 2 Rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column.

As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically focused on the following subsystems: physical environment, health and social services, and safety and transportation. For more information, please review the required demographics and subsystems listed in the left-hand column of the Assignment 2 Rubric. Meet with Mayor Hill to discuss the subsystems: Physical environment, health and social services, and safety and transportation.

Solution Preview

Demographics and Subsystems of Sentinel City


During the second tour of Sentinel City, there is an observation of the demographics and the subsystems that are found in the city. I have taken into account the need for having a clear observation of the city and hence I have chosen to use a speed that is moderate and stopping in different locations with the intention of making observations in the city. Precisely, I have taken into consideration the need of getting information on the different factors that are of importance including the physical environment of the community, the healthcare factors, the social services that are found in Sentinel City and the factors impacting the physical environment. The other thing that has been focused on in this paper is the factors that affect the healthcare system of the people living in the community. 

Physical Environment

The physical assessment of the community indicates that there is are labeling that is made to show that one is entering the city with the road labels and indications that help in the provision of the direction and information on where one is. As I moved downtown, I was able to find that there are manmade trees in the community while there are others that are natural….

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