The purpose of the Course Project is to give the student the opportunity to apply concepts in transcultural nursing by performing a transcultural nursing assessment.

The purpose of Milestone 1 is to identify and describe an adult, non-relative, born outside the US, whose culture is different from yours and is willing to participate in a transcultural nursing assessment during Wk. 6. (Milestone 3).

  1. Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment.
  2. BEFORE beginning this Milestone, make sure you have received “approval” of the individual from your instructor. This must be done during Wk. 1 or 2 of the course. Send your instructor a brief email with the initials of the individual, country of birth, current city/community of residence. Your instructor will reply to your email letting you know it is all right to proceed with Milestone 1 (“approval”).
  3. Review the guidelines for Milestones 1, 2, and 3, paying particular attention to Milestone 1 for this assignment. The guidelines for all of the Milestones are located on the left-hand navigation menu. Also, read the Course Project Overview document located under the Modules Tab. Here you will find more details and helpful tips.
  4. Identify/describe the individual approved by your instructor. This individual:
  • Has been living in a culture other than the one of origin for at least 2 years.
  • Was born outside the United States.
  • Can be a patient, friend, or colleague, such as a physician, or acquaintance, but cannot be a relative.
  • Must be living in your community and must be currently receiving or have previously received healthcare services in your community.
  • Race, ethnicity, language, religion, and culturally based beliefs about healthcare and illness should be quite different from yours.
  • Must speak English. An interpreter/translator is not permitted for the actual assessment, which occurs in Milestone 3 (Week 6). 

Solution Preview

Provide a description of the individual’s current community:

The individual taken into account is D.R and is living in Miami. He has lived in Miami for the past 11 years and has an understanding of the way that there is a health issue in Miami and the need for consideration of the healthcare changes in the community.

  1. Relationship with individual. Be thorough. (15 points)

Describe how you are acquainted with this individual:

The acquaintance with D.R has been one of its kind since she has been able to be a mentor to me while working in the healthcare facility. Typically, he was the nurse leader during my education and while in my practice. He is therefore able to help in the process of enhancement of my knowledge with respect to the different issues that are taken into account while carrying out health processes. The RN has been able to help me in getting to understand the various issues of health and ensuring that I improve the aspects of care and I have learned of the healthcare policies and the challenges of care for the past many years…

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