The purpose of the Course Project is to give the student the opportunity to apply concepts in transcultural nursing by performing a transcultural nursing assessment. The purpose of Milestone 2 is to develop an assessment guide utilizing open-ended questions that will encourage participation by the individual.

Due Dates

You are to submit your completed NR394 Milestone 2 by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, at the end of Week 4.

Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment, which are listed above.
  2. Read the Course Project Overview document located under the Modules Tab. Here you will find more details and helpful tips.
  3. Research your individual’s cultural background prior to developing questions. Think about the impact the culture of origin has on the individual’s physical health; that is, what illnesses and conditions are prevalent in this culture? What are commonly held beliefs about health in the individual’s culture of origin that could influence the individual’s perception of healthcare and health practices in the current culture/community?
  4. Refer to Appendix A in your text and select three (3) categories upon which you will concentrate for your assessment guide and questions. Thoroughly review each of the categories, and think about your individual.
  5. D Develop an assessment guide and questions with specific initial and follow-up questions. Include questions that reflect a thorough understanding of the categories (Appendix A) that you selected about the influence culture may have on the individual’s health and well-being.
  6. Review the Differences Between Closed and Open-Ended Questions document (Links to an external site.). Use the suggestions as you formulate/propose your initial and follow-up questions.
  7. Download the Milestone 2 assessment template (Links to an external site.) embedded in these guidelines.
  8. Fill in information using the template. This does not require APA formatting; however, you are expected to write clearly and use proper grammar and spelling. The template is expandable to accommodate your typing.
  9. Submit the completed template to the Milestone 2 assignment page by Sunday of Week 4 at 11:59 p.m. MT.
  10. Prior to submission of Milestone 3, revise the Assessment Guide and Questions based on instructor feedback.
  11. Contact your instructor if you have questions.

Solution Preview

  1. State the proposed date of the assessment which must be after Friday of Week 5. Describe the location of the assessment and how privacy/confidentiality will be maintained. Be specific. (20 points)

It is proposed that the interview will be carried out on 10th April 2020. There has been a rise in the work being done by the healthcare providers amid the Covid-19 pandemic and D.R has requested that we meet on that date or the interview could be carried out by use of Skype if the infections will not have been maintained by that time. The place that the interview will be carried out will be in the heath setting as for now will be in D.R’s office at the clinic. The officer is preferable since there will be ease in the attainment of confidentiality and the respondent will be able to be free in sharing the ideas that he will have. The interviewee will as well be able to help us while in the health setting at this time since they are required to be on alert at all times and being one of the senior nurses in the health facility, she is supposed to be around on many occasions.

  • Describe the process you will use for documenting your assessment and what steps you will take to ensure its accuracy. For example, do you plan to take notes and then ask the subject for verification, or do you plan to record the assessment in audio or video and then transcribe it?  Be specific.(14 points)

During the interview, a strategy for collecting and keeping the data must be there for reference while making a discussion. This will as well ensure that the analysis will be simple and valid concerning the population that taken into account. I will be able to make sure that there are questions on my notebook that I will use in the process of carrying out the interview. The process of collection of data will be carried out by the use of note-taking where I will put down short notes in line with each of the questions that are asked. The other method that I will use in the process of documentation of data there will be a need for use of the audio recorder…

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