This assignment provides a learning activity for students to experience a practice-based scenario and apply a process worksheet designed to assist in the identification of an independent nursing problem or concern, develop a PICOT clinical question, and search for evidence using credible online databases/sources.


  1. Read over each of the following directions.
  2. You must read the Assignment Practice Scenario below before completing the PPE Worksheet.
  3. Download and use the required PPE Worksheet (Links to an external site.).
  4. Review the information provided in our library of how to search for journal articles here (Links to an external site.).
  5. Review the information provided in our library of how to locate and copy a journal permalink (Links to an external site.).
  6. You are required to complete the worksheet using the productivity tools required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office Word 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC. You must save the file in the “.docx” format. Do NOT save as Word Pad. A later version of the productivity tool includes Office 365, which is available to Chamberlain students for FREE by downloading from the student portal at http://my.chamberlain.edu (Links to an external site.). Click on the envelope at the top of the page.
  7. Complete each section of the Problem/PICOT/Evidence (PPE) Worksheet. For the Clinical PICOT Question, use the NR439_Guide for writing PICOT Questions and Examples.N439_Guide for writing PICOT Questions and Examples (Links to an external site.) Use one of the templates/guides to write your Clinical PICOT Question using all of the PICOT elements. Be sure to include the PICOT letters in your question.
  8. Be sure to use the PPE grading rubric to make certain you are meeting all grading criteria of the PPE Worksheet.
  9. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and in-text APA formatting.
  10. Submit the completed PPE Worksheet on the Week 3 Assignment page.
  11. Students, A short tutorial with tips for completing the Week 3 Problem/PICOT/Evidence Search (PPE) worksheet assignment may be viewed here. 

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CriteriaThe practice issue of concern that is seen in this case is the cases of pressure ulcers. These are issues of sores that are faced by patients due to excessive pressure on the skin surface. The cases of pressure ulcers are found to increase the risks of patients staying for a longer period in the health setting and this calls for the healthcare providers to help in the development of ways to manage cases of pressure ulcers. The issue of pressure ulcers should be focused on since it has extensive healthcare concerns among patients. The challenge is that the condition could result in a longer stay in the health setting and there could be a rise in the cost of healthcare services. This implies that healthcare providers should focus on the ways necessary to improve on the issues of care for patients. The patients end up having a poor quality of care. Furthermore, this could be important in that it could result in a deterioration in the satisfaction of patients while in the health setting. The condition mainly affects patients who are not mobile since they may not be able to change their positions and hence leading in an extensive pressure being exerted on a single part of the skin….
Clinical Nursing Practice Problem   Select and identify ONLY one quality or safety clinical priority area from the assignment guidelines practice scenario. Summarize why youbelieve the nursing practice problem/issue is the most important.  Summarize your rationale (why) for choosing the problem.  

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