In this final assignment of the Capstone course, the student will use skills of inquiry gained in the baccalaureate nursing program to identify a clinical issue upon which nurses have the ability to resolve or have a positive impact. With a focus on the diversity of the individual as well as the variation of cultural values of a particular population, the student will develop a plan for addressing the clinical issue. With the incorporation of other disciplines from the health care team the student will describe the role the nurse has in the implementation of an ethically sound plan.
When selecting a clinical issue to be addressed in the assignment, the student is expected to draw from one of the four main categories of the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint: assurance of a safe and effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance of health, the
preservation of the patient’s psychosocial integrity and physiological integrity.

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In the process of evaluating delirium in the ICU, there could be a rise of one facing the different barriers as a healthcare provider. As such, there is a need for determining the best strategies that could be used in managing the barriers. One of the barriers that one may face in the process of evaluation is the issue of lack of education on delirium cases. This ends up causing poor healthcare standards among the patients. The process as well ensures that one can manage the challenge of developing the needs of patients since there is a lack of an understanding of what to expect when the healthcare providers are supposed to manage the different processes of management of the aspects that patients are receiving. The second barrier that is taken into account and that would affect the process is the lack of medical prioritization of the results. Rowley-Conwy (2018) depict that the results that are collected are supposed to be taken into account is expected to manage the challenges that influence the success in the implementation of the necessary aspect of health could be taken into account is one can improve on the challenge of the standards of change and assessing the health of the patient….

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