Having a clear vision for the future, setting reasonable goals, and developing strategies for meeting those goals are important steps in ensuring control of one’s professional future. This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development through the creation of a one-year and five-year professional career plan in nursing. It also creates an awareness of/partnership with Chamberlain’s Career Services professionals, Career Care Plan, and resources available through Chamberlain Career Care.
Write a maximum of 4-6 pages, excluding the title page, reference page, and the appendix.
• Transition into the Professional Nursing Role: Identify actions to be considered in the transition from student to BSN graduate nurse including:
• Identify the state in which the student is seeking employment.
• Detail a minimum of three (3) criteria set forth by the Board of Nursing for obtaining an RN license in that state.
• Research and identify three (3) positions/employers the student could work for as a new graduate BSN in the geographic area the student is seeking employment. Identify motivators and possible detractors for working in those positions/with the selected employers.
 Hint: Check out the LiquidCompass job board to identify New Graduate nursing positions in your geographic area. LiquidCompass is available in CareerCare under the ‘Additional Resources’ tab.
• Provide the details of what is required to submit an application for the positions identified above.
• Determine career goals through the completion of a Career Assessment Profile in Career Care.
• Holistic Life Balance: Provide a description of the ways in which the student intends to maintain holistic balance in their personal life as well as in the role of professional nurse within the first year and at five years.
• Stressors and Challenges: Identify known stressors and anticipated challenges as well as plans for managing each of them within the first year and at five years. Career Services can provide assistance with this assignment element (i.e., How do I get to where I want to go in nursing? What are my goals? What challenges must be addressed to reach my goals? etc.)

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Career Planning


As a nurse, one can be able to control their future in the profession by having an understanding of the roles in nursing and having well-set goals. This implies that with precise goals put in place it becomes easier for the healthcare providers to develop their skills. The understanding of the work environment that one will be working and the different policies in different states could be of importance in allowing one to transition to a professional nursing role with minimal challenges. Precisely, the focus of this paper is to seek to develop a one year and a five-year professional career plan in nursing. 

Transition into the Professional Nursing Role

The state that I intend to seek employment after the completion of my education is Florida State. This is one of the states that has a restricted practice for NP. As such, nurses are expected to work with the supervision of the physicians at all times as affirmed by Sherman and Saifman (2018). The state of Florida does not allow for full operation authority due to the aspect of protection of patient care and ensuring that patients are served by physicians while nurses provided supportive care. However, the state board of nursing can provide the best direction or guidelines to the nurses on the roles that nurses play while in the health setting. 

The Florida Board of Nursing is tasked with the licensure of the nurse in the state and at the moment the state has 260,117 registered nurses and 72,829 practical nurses who have been licensed (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2019). One of the criteria used for licensure of NP in the state of Florida is that nurses are required to enroll in a professional nursing program. The program should be approved by the Florida Board of Nursing….

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