The purpose of this assignment is to consider the value of a culture of excellence and leadership strategies which support a culture of excellence within the student’s selected MSN track.  Students will identify organizational characteristics which support a culture of excellence.  In addition, students will identify an existing organizational mission, vision, and values and create an original concept map to portray the interrelationships between each element.  The extent to which the organizational mission, vision, and values reflect a culture of excellence will be examined.  Leadership strategies which promote a culture of excellence and support the Chamberlain Care Model® will be applied.

Part I: Concept Map

  1. Identify the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization.
  2. Create a concept map which portrays the relationships between the organizational mission, vision and core values, depicting how they do or do not support a culture of excellence.  The concept map must be your own, original work.

Part II: Written Paper

  1. In a three- to four- page paper, address the elements below.  Use a minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within five years, to support your work. See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper:
    1. Provide an introduction to the paper.
    1. Discuss the characteristics of a culture of excellence.
    1. Present the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization, and explain the interrelationships between each element in the concept map.  Describe how the mission, vision, and values do or do not support a culture of excellence.
    1. Discuss application of three specific leadership strategies which promote a culture of excellence, and how they support the Chamberlain Care Model®.
    1. Provide a conclusion to the paper.

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The process of creating a culture of excellence is an organization is of importance in allowing for success in the organization. Winkler and Marshall (2017) define cultural excellence as a way of improving the quality of healthcare services could be carried out faster if there is a culture of excellence. This is because with there will be an ease in the implementation of the activities of leading a health services or steps needed in healthcare. The mission, vision, and the values in an organization is to guide the staff in the organization on the goals that are supposed to be attained. The section of this paper are the assessment of culture of excellence, overview of the mission, vision, and values, and leading a culture in the organization.

Culture of Excellence

TheConcept of the culture of excellence

As a leader one will work each day to ensure that they attain the necessary standard of services and get the best results needed but the actions that one may set in the organization may set a mediocre expectations. This affects the success in many organizations. The stakeholders in an organization will always expect that the results are immediate and the performance are long lasting and are easy to accelerate.  The key factor that should be taken into account to attain such results is to ensure that there is support of culture of excellence and hence a shift in the corporate culture. With the culture of excellence there is an ease in the creation of an organization capacity and structure to allow in empowering and enhancing the focus of the employees at all times (Mannion & Davies, 2016)….

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