The purpose of this assignment is to promote introspective reflection related to leadership competencies which positively influence others and cultivate healthful working relationships.  Students will reflect upon personal strengths and opportunities for enhancement with respect to leadership competencies, and implications of leadership competency in the selected are of MSN specialty practice. 


Criteria for Content

Based upon readings and learning activities within the class lessons, reflect upon specific leadership-related competencies which you possess and leadership competencies where there is an opportunity for enhancement.  Identify two specific areas of strength, and two areas for improvement.  How will those competencies impact future practice as a MSN-prepared nurse in your specialty area? 

In a two- to three-page reflective essay, address the following elements.  Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within five years, to support your work.  See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper:

  1. Provide an introduction to the reflective essay.
  2. Consider your personal leadership competencies
  3. Explain two specific examples of how leadership competencies will impact your practice in the selected MSN track.
  4. Provide a conclusion to the reflective essay.

Solution Preview

Reflective Essay


According to Hozni et al. (2019), leaders are supposed to be competent in their work at all times for them to offer a good leadership and ensure that the staff under them can offer better services. A leader is supposed to have varying skills and knowledge on the best ways that they can improve their care and this can be possible if a leader can get the necessary skills from experts. The focus of this paper is to help in the reflection on leadership competency and the sections that are taken into account are the personal leadership competencies and their implications for advanced nursing practice.

Personal Leadership Competency

One of the leadership competency that I have is effective communication. In this case, a leader plays an important role in the process of passage of information to the others at the time of need and this has become better for me. I have not had any challenges in the process of communication as a leader. This is an important competency as well in that it allows me to reduce any issues of conflict due to lack of support among the other healthcare providers.

One of the personal leadership competencies that is a personal strength is that I have personal mastery. In this case, I have been able to demonstrate confidence as a person and I do not have a problem with the empowerment and trust of others. With personal mastery, one can be able to know the actions that will influence others as affirmed by Naicker and Hoque (2017)….

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