Using one of the three articles listed below as a starting point, write a 1000 to 1500 word white paper. A white paper is typically written to advocate for a particular position or solution to a problem. For details about white papers, please visit White Paper: Purpose and Audience (Links to an external site.)

Brown, H. W., Torain, D. J. & Enright-Patterson, T. (2016). Collaborative Healthcare Leadership: A six-part model for adapting and thriving during a time of transformative change (Links to an external site.). This is one example of a white paper written by an organization in support of the Center for creative Leadership. 

You may take your research in any direction that you think makes sense given your chosen starting point. Include a minimum of 4-5 additional scholarly/professional resources. 

Submit your assignment by Sunday at midnight. 


The paper should be 1000 to 1500 words. Be in the appropriate format for a white paper, utilize the APA, 6th Edition, format for citations and references as appropriate. All facts should be supported by references: 

  • The article that you have chosen as a starting point and a minimum of 4-5 additional scholarly/professional references.
  • Sources may not include, other wikis, ASK or ABOUT – or any other site that gives you an answer.  
  • Please submit your completed assignment as a WORD document by Sunday at midnight.

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Competencies for Healthcare Managers


The selected article is an article by Stefl (2008). The purpose of the study is to help in the identification and discussion of the necessary competencies of healthcare managers. As argued by the author in the study, leaders are responsible for making sophisticated decisions that touch on the health standard of patients. Along these lines, they are supposed to be well informed and hence some competencies are of importance for them. Hahn and Lapetra (2019) add that healthcare providers are responsible for the enhancement of quality of care and in turn, they should be skilled. The skills that are acquired by healthcare providers in the leadership position helps in ensuring that issues of decision making are not affected by issues of poor skills and competencies. This white paper presents a discussion in the necessary competencies that one should possess as a healthcare leader. 

Competencies for healthcare managers

Practicing healthcare managers are expected to have different competencies. The essence of such competencies is to ensure that quality healthcare services are being provided for patients. As such, leaders who have such competencies can ensure that the process of management of staff is not a problem as affirmed by Krawczyk-Sołtys (2017). Thus the staff will always be satisfied with the kind of care they are given if they can eliminate any issues of poor management of their services….

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