Mr. Les Brown has been diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago. He has been increasingly shortness of breath doing activities of daily living, needing to rest more frequently and feels he is coughing more often.

  1. Explain the pathophysiology behind the signs and symptoms of COPD
  2. What relationship do you see with Mr. Brown’s vital signs – 26 RR, 91% oxygen saturation, temp: 37.8, HR: 93 BP: 150/70
  3. Describe the goals of care for Mr Brown. Make sure to use the COPD gold standards of care for your plan.
  4. How would you follow up on your proposed plan of care?

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Case study: Mr. Les Brown


The case taken into account is that of Mr. Les Brown. The patient has had a diagnosis with COPD which was done 10 years ago. The issue of concern is that the patient has had concerns with the shortness of breath while doing activities daily. This calls for the need for having further tests. The patient as well as complained of having a coughing feeling.

The pathophysiology behind the signs and symptoms of COPD

The beginning of COPD is seen with the rise in cases of inflammation that occurs in the brachial of the patient and leading in the inspiration and irritation. This could result from smoking which could result in the infiltration of the cytokines in the walls of the bronchial. The persistence of the inflammation will end up causing challenges of edema and leading in the rise in the amount of mucus and increasing the issues of bacterial colonization….

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