Overview and Purpose:

The Analysis of Organizational Structure addresses course objective 2. The purpose of the assignment is to obtain information about the structure of your clinical practicum organization. 

You will:

  • Review your leadership/management text regarding organizational structure, type, mission, vision, organizational chart, and types of decision-making.
  • Obtain organizational documents and interview your preceptor and other key personnel
  • Collect data about the organization
    • Organizational chart
    • Mission/Vision/Goals statements
  • Analyze and draw conclusions about the organization’s effectiveness based upon what you learned about the organizations, and your readings (text, journals, etc.) on organizational structure and decisions making
  • Present this information to peers via VoiceThread presentation

Solution Preview

The issue of concern that has been identified is the fall of elderly patients. It is important to identify the setting that the development of interventions will be carried out any hence it will be prudent that there is an identification of the organization. The selected organization that will be focused on will be Meriter Hospital. The healthcare facility has employees adding up to 3300 and help in the provision of care for the people of the Madison community in Dane country. The healthcare facility has 448 beds and is a nonprofit making healthcare facility. The health services that are provided by the healthcare facility include clinics, home-based care agencies, and laboratory services. The focus of this paper is to present the organization structure which entails the mission, vision, and functional organizational structure.

The mission of Meriter Hospital is to heal, teach, embrace excellent way, serve, and ensure quality healthcare services. The mission has been divided into different parts with the first part being to help in healing and teaching the patients and the people living in the community. Further, the focus of the organization is to embrace changes such as the use of information technology in serving the people with assurance of quality amount of services.

The vision of Meriter Hospital is to fully integrate health systems exceeding the expectations of the patients and community members that are being served. This is an important aspect of the organization in that it helps in the provision of a reliable direction that is followed in the process of provision of care. The vision helps in steering the organization in the right direction to be able to provide the best services for the people. The vision allows the leaders to support the changes that are occurring in the health system today….

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