The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Provide an analysis of the ethical and legal foundations of the health care policy issue you selected. Use ethics terms, theories and apply what you have studied in prior weeks. Explain what the ethical issue(s) are, and present the pro and con ethical positions surrounding the health care policy issue. Then, explain what the legal issue is, and present the pro and con legal positions surrounding the health care policy issue. Finally, apply your critical thinking and analysis skills by suggesting two recommendations to the policymaker and/or stakeholder that align with your own position on the ethical and legal issues. Use of supporting references is essential

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Legislator and Health Policy Issue

It is important to understand the leaders involved in policy making and the process involved in making policies. This would help to understand the possible contributions that healthcare providers can make. This paper discusses one of the state legislators and a bill that this legislator supports.

 The policymaker of interest that is being discussed is Anthony Sabatini. He is one of the state legislatures in Florida and specifically represents district 032 (Bill Track 50, 2020). Anthony Sabatini was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 2018. He was voted in with Republican ticket and he has been actively participating in the activities within the facility. The address for this state legislature is 1172, South Grand Highway Clermont, FL 34711-3203. The telephone number is (1) (352) 989-9100 and the email address is Over the last two years he has been in office, he has sponsored more than 60 bills (Bill Track 50, 2020). The legislator is one of the youngest legislators and was born in 1988. He just graduated for his J.D. in 2017 from the University of Florida. He has also served in the military as the Florida Army National Guard in the year 2008.

The rationale for selecting this legislator is owing to his activeness in House of representatives. Within the short period that he has been in the House, he has been a sponsor for the Growth Management bill, the public records bill and the specialty records bill besides the five others. The bill of concern that is being sponsored by this legislator is the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. This bill is currently with the Health Quality Subcommittee and has been work shopped on 31st of January 2020 (Florida Senate, 2020). The bill is aimed at criminalizing the clinical practice of altering the sex of a minor below the age of 18 years….

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