Part 3: Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief

This part bust be based on US policy on HIV/AIDS during the Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump administration.

Based on the feedback that you received from your colleagues in the Discussion, revise Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid and Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis.

Then, using the information recorded on the template in Parts 1 and 2, develop a 1-page Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief that you could use to communicate with a policymaker/legislator or a member of their staff for this healthcare issue. You can use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create your Fact Sheet or Talking Point Brief. Be sure to address the following:

·         Summarize why this healthcare issue is important and should be included in the agenda for legislation.

·         Justify the role of the nurse in agenda setting for healthcare issues.

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Why this healthcare issue is important and should be included in the agenda for legislation

The issue of concern that should be focused on is the changes in the policy to allow for the effective management of issues of HIV/AIDS. Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS in 1981, there has been a varying change over time with different proposals being made on the healthcare setting to manage the infections and the need for the development of reliable aspects of change to improve the quality of living of the population. There is a need for the issue to be influenced in the agenda for the legislation because it could allow for the enhancement of the guidelines that should be followed by healthcare providers in the process of provision of care…

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