Find an article in your local newspaper about a local policy issue that affects you. For example, an article concerning your county’s decision to privatize your trash collection service. Summarize the article and explain how this issue affects you. Is the article neutral? Why or why not? How might you influence this policy in the future?

Be sure to include a scanned copy of the article in your submission in addition to citations. Articles may not be more than one month old.

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The issue of summarizing a policy concern is of importance in that it will allow for the identification of the milestones covered in the resolution of the issue. Thus the analysis of a policy issue in the events that are arising in the community is important in that it allows for the elimination of issues of poor means of improved care. The concerns that are faced in the community can be managed by taking into account the role that leaders play and the role of the leaders in advocating for change. The focus of this paper is to assess a current event in the state and the possible strategies that could be employed to resolve the issue in the future.

Summary of the article and how this issue affects you

The article that is taken into account by entitled “Macroplastic pollution in freshwater environments: Focusing public and policy action” by the Winton et al. (2020). The focus of the article is to help in the identification of the issues of pollution that have arisen in the community for the past many years and the need for taking into account the need for change….

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