You are attending an international journalist event and have been chosen to give a presentation of the roles of the media in influencing government and its citizens. Identify and describe the roles of the media in influencing government and its citizens using specific descriptive examples. Please create a PowerPoint presentation to assist you in your presentation.

As you complete your presentation, be sure to:

  • Use speaker’s notes to expand upon the bullet point main ideas on your slides, making references to research and theory with citation.
  • Proof your work
  • Use visuals (pictures, video, narration, graphs, etc.) to compliment the text in your presentation and to reinforce your content.
  • Do not just write a paper and copy chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to give this presentation live.

Solution Preview

There has been an increasing forms of media today with some of the common forms being the print media such as the use of newspapers. The are others forms in the society today as well including the social media, there are TVs radios and the internet such as the use of blogs. In the society today, the media has been instrumental in impacting the government and the public. In this presentation, a discussion on the role of the media in influencing the government and the citizens is focused on.

The process of communication is the primary role of the media in the society and it helps in ensuring that there is a platform that the government or the public could use in the process of passing of information to each other. The process of communication can be carried out by use of mobile phones that allow for responses or there could be use of television.

The other role of influencing the government is by being the watchdog that will ensure that the activities that are carried out by the government are accountable and that there is consideration of democracy. With the media, there is an ease in ensuring that the government is always on toss on the manifesto that is gave to the people. This will as well ensure that the public will be informed of any malpractice by the government.

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