Research professional associations and summarize one. Based on previous coursework on networking and/or new online research, locate at least two professional associations that you might be interested in joining. Review membership requirements and member benefits and compare your interests and what you want from a networking organization to the benefits and mission statement offered by the organizations you identify (Costello, 2012). Choose one organization and summarize your comparison in a double-spaced one page paper.  

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Professional Associations

Professional associations in any industry are of importance in ensuring that one can network with the other members of their profession or one can learn of the changes that are occurring in their community. This implies that there is a need for one to consider joining a professional association for them to be exposed to their work activities and learn of any changes that may arise. There are many professional associations that I could wish to become a member one of which is the American Nurses Association. This is one of the associations that help nurses in ensuring that they are always informed of any policy changes and it takes part in advocating for nurses. The mission of the organization is to ensure that there is a transformation of the health of the nation by transformation of the empowerment of nurses (Halstead, 2017)….

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