In this activity, you will have the opportunity to prepare for an interview based on a real job ad posting. To get your head in the game, read this short article in the BSC Virtual Library: 3 key questions to ask yourself before a job interview (Galda, 2015). It offers perspective from a hiring manager on the kinds of questions and answers you can expect.

Find a current job posting that interests you and one you feel you are qualified for on the web, newspaper, etc.

Research the company and its interview process. Research what kind of interview process this company uses. For example, in the job listing, they may have stated “pre-employment drug screening” or “aptitude testing conducted on all applicants.” In addition, you should look for clues about the company’s interview process. You can find this information in any of their job postings. Read several listings and note the common language. You might find that this company offers job shadowing, behavior-based questioning (Quintessential Careers, n.d.), or group interviews. This is great information to glean from your research.

Submit at minimum a 2 page, double-spaced summary detailing your expectations for a specific job interview that includes:

  • Your company research
  • Explain why you feel you are qualified for the job
  • How you would prepare for the interview
  • Five questions you would ask

Solution Preview

Preparation for an interview

Company research

The company that is taken into account is Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). This is an organization that provides a myriad of services audit services and assurance, tax& legal, and advisory its customers. The company is an international organization that is based on accounting activities but focuses on the provision of all financial services on the operation of an organization. Snow and Phillips (2019) opine that KPMG puts together a multidisciplinary approach that has deep knowledge in the industry to ensure that clients can meet the various challenges and that they respond to the opportunities that are there. This ensures that there is ease in the process of attainment if financial management in the organization. The organization has made an advertisement for the graduate trainee position. This will be a prudent position that will allow me to learn to start my career. I intend to apply for the job and attend the interview. 

Why I feel I qualified for the job

I feel I am qualified for the graduate trainee job because one will be in a position to learn of the needs of the company and allow for the improvement of the aspect of career development. This is prudent for me in that I will be able to learn of the different roles that one should play in the use of information technology in the accounting firms. The career will allow me to be in a position to gain skills in the combination of the different skills from IT classes and the accounting and financial processes….