In a 4-page paper, written in APA format using appropriate spelling/grammar, address the items below.

  1. View the movie you selected and watch for elements of communication from the categories below:
    • Culture
    • Perception
    • The Self
    • Listening
    • Verbal Messages
    • Nonverbal Messages
    • Emotional Messages
    • Relationships
    • Conflict
  2. Identify at least 4 scenes from the movie that feature different elements of communication. For instance, if the characters in the movie started a relationship and clearly showed the initiating stage of relationships, you could choose that element to write about.
  3. For each scene:
    1. Define the communication element that is featured.
    2. Describe the character interactions. Be sure to provide thorough details.
    3. Demonstrate your understanding of the communication element by analyzing how the character interactions are influenced by the communication element. Be sure to include your own insight and thoughts.
  4. Include quotes from at least 3 credible resources into your analysis. Be sure to include APA formatted in-text citations and References for your resources.

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Communication in a Movie


The movie selected is that of Moana is an animated film that is directed by Ron Clement and John Musker and introduces the main character of the movie called Moana. In the movie, various communication processes are being carried out to communicate the various issues of concern. There is a varying mode used in the passage of information or making a communication including the case of having the different colors, the use of signs, as well as the use of different tonal variations. The focus of this paper is to help in the process of determination of the communication features that are used in the movie called Moana.

Scenes from the movie that feature different elements of communication

One of the elements that are evident in this case is that of culture. The main aspects of culture is the trust in the tales of the past. The grandmother tells Moana and the others that there was a past history of a controlled or the way of life of the people in the community. Moana is seen to have taken seriously the need for ensuring that the mother island Te Fiti is safe and that it has a heart and the power for the creation of life. The story that is told by Gramma Tala is of importance in ensuring that it becomes easier for the shift of the needs of persons and with the lack of support of the evidence for improvement of the care for the community, the mother was supposed to have the heart at all times.

There is as well use of effective communication processes in the mode of perception. There is an expectation that Moana is able to perceive the things that are needed and even goes to the sea shore. This implies that with the use of perception and the view of the people watching the movie, it is seen that Moana can be able to communicate with the sea. The whispers that are seen in the sea are seen to be understood by Moana….

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