As a health information technology manager at your organization, what are some vital technical skill sets you would seek in a new hire? In which technical areas is your organization strong and in which areas do you see room for improvement?

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The health care IT industry faces new challenges based on new health care insurance provider requirements, including evolving guidance from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Describe a recent change to CMS regulatory reporting requirements and the role of a health information management (HIM) professional in ensuring an organization is in compliance.

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There are technical skills that should always be taken into account for one to be able to work well in the health information technology department. One of the technical skill sets that should be focused on is the ability to carry out the installation of technology resources. As such, one should be able to install the resources such as the routers, cables, and computers in the right network. The other technical skill that should be taken into accounts is the maintenance skills of the IT resources in the organization. The organization has various areas that are doing well one is which is the area of maintenance and constant improvement of the systems. Paaske et al. (2017) depict that for effective delivery of services, a healthcare organization should focus on making use of recent technologies and hence the organization should be conversant with the trends. The area that the organization is facing challenges and need improvements is on the process of staff education….

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