Think of a lesson you learned during your program of study (or in a work setting) that had a big effect on you. Then think about how you applied that lesson to a completely different situation. 

Write your summary and be sure to include responses to the following prompts:
Define relational learning in your own words.
What lesson did you learn (in your program of study or at work)?
How did you learn the lesson initially, and in what setting was it taught?
How did you apply the lesson to a different situation?

You might use an example of a soft skill such as a communication technique, leadership approach, or attitude adjustment. Or you might discuss a literal skill such as the correct way of washing your hands to prevent spread of infection. Be sure to articulate the lesson so that people from any profession can understand what you are writing about. 

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Lesson learned during the program of study

Relational learning is the learning in a content in which a relationship between examples of learning may be found or where the examples consist of multiple elements with relationships (Ferreira, Gama, & Costa, 2019). One of the lessons that I have learned is the use of a transformational leadership approach in an organization. As such, I was able to be exposed to leaders who supported the change and that we are willing to ensure that there were changes that were in line with the need for others and allowing for the members of staff to gain better delivery speed. From the transformational leaders as well I was able to learn of the fact that transformation should be supported by all leaders and should be carried out in line with the need for change to improve the efficiency of services and improve on the quality of service delivery….

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