Write a 2 to 3 page self-reflection paper describing your home-school-community connections experienced during early childhood and/or elementary school years.  Review the Beyond the Bake Sale checklist: “4 Versions of Family-School Partnerships” which helps to assess partnership practices.  In your paper, incorporate key concepts and professional terminology from your course readings and experiences.

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Self-Reflection: Home-School-Community Connections


The process of learning is fundamental for children and an understanding of the importance of learning is of importance. Typically, the process of learning is seen to be of importance in that it helps in allowing for children to learn of the things that are in the environment and the ways that could be used in improving on their skills. However, there is a need for the connection to be there between the home and schools in the community. The teachers and the parents can partner with each other in developing the motives and needs of children. The focus of this paper is to present a self-reflection on the home school community connection observed during childhood and elementary school years.  


There were various things that I observed in the connection including the fact that there was an ease in the attainment of academic achievement as a student. The process allows for the involvement of parents in the process of decision making and causing a high grade and test scores as a parent with the attendance of homework being seen to be completed. With the interests as well when becomes motivated to further their education and have the view of education being an important factor since the parents have taken part in the process of being role models as argued by Lee (2016)…..

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