In Topic 3, you identified three sources to support a discussion of the integration of servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism as they relate to the industry with which you are familiar. 

Write a 750-1,000-word essay describing your vision for your career once you have completed your master’s degree. In this paper, address the following:

  1. How will each of the Three Pillars—servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism— be integrated and impact your business practice in the future?
  2. How will the Three Pillars enable you to contribute to the greater social good in your industry and within the community?

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Servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism in Healthcare


As a student with the intention of being a healthcare administrator, I intend to ensure that I help patients to benefit from the healthcare services and ensuring that their needs are attained. As a leader, it is important that one takes into account the need for ensuring that one is able to ensure there is justice and that it is fair to all the patients as affirmed by Allen et al. (2016). For the preparation of students who are pursuing their healthcare standards, it is important to carry out the support of three pillars for the effective process of preparation of patients. After completing my master’s degree, I will be in a position to apply the three pillars namely the servant leaders, ethics, and entrepreneurism. This will allow me to attain success in the business area. The focus of this paper is to discuss the three pillars, and how it will enable me to discuss the application of social good in the industry and within the community….

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