Respond to the following:

  1. Describe the importance of knowing the specific laws in your state pertaining to NP prescribing and support your statement with at least 1 scholarly reference*
  2. Discuss NP practice in your current home state, being sure to address:
    • Level of NP prescribing autonomy
    • Specific laws related to NP prescribing
    • Process of obtaining prescriptive authority and requirements for renewal
    • Include a reference for your research^
  3. Compare and contrast the same criteria as identified in #2 with one other state (besides your own) of your choice

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Importance of knowing the specific laws

Nurse practitioners should have an understanding of the specific laws regarding the prescription of medication for them to be able to avoid any legal issues or ethical concerns. As such, with the understanding, one will be able to follow the necessary policy requirements in the process of provision of patient care and in the process of making any prescription. VandeWaa and Dolan (2020) depict that with the availability of policies that are to be followed in the state, one will be able to avoid conflict with the physicians in the health setting. Further, this will ensure that there is an elimination of any issues of use of much time in seeking to decide what to do when providing patient care services.

NP practice in the current home state

In the state of Florida NP are not allowed to make medical prescriptions and be able to provide medication to the patients. The policy requires that NP work under the collaboration with the medical doctors who are supposed to be licensed. This implies that NP is not considered to be the primary care providers….

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