Develop the draft of the final paper, which must include the Style and References section.

The paper should adhere to APA 6th Edition format (i.e., margins, headings use the section titles as headings, font, size and reference style). There should be a logical flow and clear presentation of information, and use proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Remember that there should be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 13 pages, excluding title pages, table, and references.

The References section describes how the reference list needs to include a minimum of 10 studies reviewed (more than 10 may be used for background information). References need to be current (i.e., within the past 5 years preferably, or 10 years if more recent studies are unavailable. Classic studies are acceptable but should be identified as such.). In-text citations must match the references listed.

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Draft of Research Methods Literature Review


In the healthcare setting nurses help in the process of development of new interventions to resolve healthcare concerns facing patients. This is attained after the identification of the health concern and their impacts on the patients. The process of developing interventions to resolve a nursing care issue will be attained as well by carrying out extensive research on the issue and ensuring that the selected intervention is the preferred option for change. There will be a need as well for ensuring that all the stakeholders in the health setting take part in the process of development of the new intervention. The best strategy will be attained by the consideration of the past research studies and getting to use the experience of the healthcare providers on the health concern. This paper focuses on the issue of UTIs and their correlation with cases of sepsis and the review of the past studies that have been carried out to find a preferable intervention.

Phenomenon of Interest

The healthcare concern taken into account is the increasing cases of urinary tract infections (UTIs) leading to sepsis. The issue of UTI has risen over the years and has resulted in the deterioration in the process of recovery of patients in the health setting. Thus, nurses are supposed to help in the process of development of the strategies needed for the implementation of the new measures of care. The process should take into account the need for healthcare providers to take part in patient care standards.

As a result of UTI, patients will end up staying in the healthcare sector for a longer period as affirmed by Price et al. (2018). The issue is therefore impactful and should be managed effectively for a reliable standard of living of patients. UTI occurs when one has bacteria entering the urinary tract via the urethra and multiplying in the bladder. The bacteria will then grow to a full-blown infection in the urinary tract. The issue is common in women more than men and hence women are at a higher risk as compared to men.

As a healthcare provider, one should be well informed of the issue of UTI at all times since it could influence the quality of their services. The issue of UTI will impact the satisfaction of patients and hence leading to the deterioration in the relationship between the healthcare providers and that patient. Schaeffer and Nicolle (2016) opine that irrespective of the efforts that one may put in the process of care without the consideration of the need for care, the issue in many instances always comes up….

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