Developing Team Effectiveness 

Download and save the following Microsoft Word document on your own computer using the file name convention: yourlastnameWeek1BA374.docx  This “template” document is APA formatted and includes a wealth of helpful information related to completing this first week’s assignment.  /content/enforced/65194-OFFR_2018-SP-A3-BA-374-3A-77/Week1TEAMAssignmenttTemplate2.docx   


The purpose of this first Assignment is for you to demonstrate understanding of the direct correlation between good business communication and effective teams.


1. Download, save as your own document and open the provided Week 1 Team Assignment Template. Use your (saved as your own document) as your starting point.

2. Assume you will write a rough first draft, then go back and improve with two or three more drafts before finishing a polished, academically sound and professionally written paper.  Writing is a process.  It is not in your best interest to correct as you write.  Write first, then correct using drafts.

3. Follow the directions and advice provided within the template document.  Be sure to remove the directions and change any red font words to be black font words. 

4. Refer to the Week 1 Overview for an example of how to access articles in the UIU library.  This assignment requires you to cite at least two references, one from the textbook and one from the UIU library.

5. Write the first section, which is essentially the introduction to the paper This first introductory area a is good place to set the tone for the subsequent content. 

6. In the “Effective Team Example” section,  describe an example of an effective team experience. Explain what made the team effective. This section will likely contain one – three paragraphs. 

7. In the “Ineffective Team Example” section, describe an example of an ineffective team experience. Explain what made the team ineffective. This section will likely contain one – three paragraphs. 

8. In the “Business Communication Connection” section, focus on the communication implications from both of your examples. This section of your paper should demonstrate your own critical thinking about the connections between team effectiveness and the myriad of aspects inherent in business communications. 

9. Write the Conclusion.

10. Confirm reference page entries are representative of application and citation of resources used within the body of the paper

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Developing Team Effectiveness

In any environment, teamwork is of importance in the promotion of loyalty as well as friendship among the stakeholders involved. With effective teamwork among the staff in an organization, it becomes easier for them to work hard and carry out their roles with others in support of the goals of the organization. Shuffler et al. (2018) allude that different members of staff have different talents and weaknesses or habits and with teamwork, the ideas can be harnessed and the weaknesses can be avoided. Along these lines, it is important to encourage employees to support teamwork at all times. This paper focuses on the development of team effectiveness with the specific sections of the paper being a discussion on effective team examples, an ineffective team example, and a business communication connection.

Effective Team Example

The effectiveness of a team depends on the kind of leadership that is there and the way that the other members of the team are supporting the leaders. An example of an effective team is one that was tasked with the implementation of new information technology features in the organization. The team was in a position to work together at all times with the consideration of the different aspects of change and ensuring that all the people involved in the changes are well informed…

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