“What is a clinical pearl?” A clinical pearl is a short, straightforward piece of clinical advice that you can apply to similar situations in clinical practice. Another way to explain this would be that a Clinical Pearl can be defined as something you learned from the Aquifer cases that you will apply in your clinical practice./

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Clinical pearl

Sauer et al. (2017) define clinical pearl as advice that one can use in situations they face in the healthcare practice. This is an aquifer case that is applicable in clinical practice by healthcare providers. One of the clinical pearls that could be used in a health situation is Risk factors, immunization, screening tests, and education (RISE). This is useful in a clinical case study in clinical for a preventive visit. Making use of RISE is advantageous because it allows the person to use it to ensure that there is a guideline for covering different topics with regards to the health of patients. As such, healthcare providers will be effective with the process of patient care if they make use of RISE. Other clinical pearls are applicable in the process of the provision of clinical care. The other common clinical pearl is the ePSS app….

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